About Us

What we do

BarronKent Ventures is a private investment company that focuses on GovTech, Health Care Technologies, and Digital Services businesses. Originally called Moonshots, our investments have centered on early and growth stage companies, and our acquisitions focus on mature companies ready to move to the next level. We seek companies who believe in diversity, treating customers well, and valuing employees. Why those markets and that focus? We know this world—we came from it, and we are still excited about it.

At BarronKent Ventures, we believe in entrepreneurship—because we have been in your shoes. We understand investing your life’s savings, the exhilaration (albeit short-lived) of a win, being told ‘no’, the punch in the gut of a defeat, and what it’s like to get up again and again – to persevere. We have won our fair share of success and now we want to help others win as well. We want to invest in others who share that same grit it takes to success.

Why choose us

Investment companies often say they offer more than money. But do they really know how to make the tough decisions and guide you through the challenges your business faces?

We do. At BarronKent Ventures, in addition to providing capital, we offer our portfolio companies practical and real-life experience, advice in growth, scaling, geographic expansion, sales, partnering, talent management, financial and performance modeling, succession, and exit planning.

We can also share our ‘nuts and bolts’ experiences with banking and lending, marketing and branding, IT infrastructure/Cyber security, facilities, project management, and everything in between.

Still not convinced? Check out the portfolio of our parent company BarronKent.

Our Leaders

Robert Rodriguez
Managing Partner

Robert is the founder and CEO of a diverse portfolio of fast-growing, award-winning technology, professional service, and real estate companies. He also has nearly 25 years of experience navigating the complex, multi-billion dollar public sector landscapes in domains such as Health Care, Human Services, Transportation, Finance, and Real Estate. Robert’s recent honors have included Most Admired CEO, Entrepreneur of the Year, and 10x Inc. 5000 Honoree.

David Peregrine
Managing Director

David is a certified Mid-Market Professional and serves as Managing Director responsible for investment strategy, portfolio construction, deal sourcing, and execution of early stage investments and mergers and acquisitions. David has held leadership positions with national consulting firms helping some of the largest public-sector organizations solve their most complex issues and innovate for the future. He has over 20 years’ experience in the Transportation, Finance, Health Care, and Human Services industries with a special focus on technology. David has also held non-profit board positions advising on business growth and go-to-market strategies.

Our Focus


We came from GovTech. With two IKEA desks and our life savings, we started a technology and management consulting company. In 18 years, it grew from its original two employees into a nationally recognized firm with a workforce of over three hundred and offices across the United States. Our markets include health care, social services, transportation/tolling, licensing and regulatory, and accounting/financial systems.

If you’ve got a product or technology service and want to move into the public sector, as an investor, few will know GovTech better than us—its nuances, competitors, federal versus state versus local government, procurement and contracting, and so much more.

Health Tech

Like GovTech, BarronKent Ventures appreciates that health care software and tools are not easily brought into public or government health care. And yet assessment tools, billing solutions, data analytics, mobile case management, health dashboards, and other applications are much needed. Our 360-degree healthcare view is not just about coupling business with technical understanding in the healthcare industry. For over 18 years, our team served public sector clients nationwide on some of its largest health and human services projects ranging from system integration, digital transformation, and project management consulting. We have been heavily invested in this area and plan to continue to be in the future.

Digital Services

We recognize that digital transformation is a must in today’s world. BarronKent Ventures sees the need and opportunity in new products, services, and business models—particularly those that can be scaled. Cloud, AI/ML, PaaS, IoT, and digital collaboration are the types of solutions that excite us. We are also interested in digital tools and services that allow a customer to realize their ROI faster and easier. We are looking to help digital providers succeed.

Investment Criteria

Pre-Seed to Series B Companies

We invest in companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Aligns with BarronKent Ventures’ focus area(s)
  • Seeks investment from $100,000 to $2 million (USD)
  • Large growth market and Go-To-Market plan
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Illustrates traction or a clear path to traction
  • Forecasts a minimum 3x return


Acquisition Prospects

We seek companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Aligns with BarronKent Ventures’ focus area(s)
  • Generates $3-$20 million in annual revenue (USD)
  • Large growth market and Go-To-Market plan
  • Generates a minimum 10 percent EBITDA
  • Seeks majority investor
  • Offers SaaS solutions (preferred)

Contact Us

For all inquiries, please contact

[email protected]